[Refurbished] Viss IPL Hair Removal System (110V)

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Your dreams of beautifully smooth, hair-free skin can now be a reality. Introducing VISS IPL, a safe and effective permanent hair reduction system you can use in your own home. With VISS IPL you can finally free yourself from the daily chore of eliminating unwanted hair. It’s patent pending technology was designed with safety in mind and gives you simplicity, flexibility and privacy with proven results. VISS IPL is the answer to beautifully smooth radiant skin that doesn’t demand the maintenance of other conventional hair removal methods.


VISS IPL Hair Removal - Beautiful Hairless Skin That Lasts

When used as directed VISS IPL offers proven safety and efficacy that until now could only be achieved by trained professionals. VISS IPL is scientifically-proven safe and effective, dermatologist recommended, compact, easy to use with minimal maintenance requirements – the answer to long-lasting hair removal.

VISS IPL uses the innovative Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology to remove unwanted hair through process called selective photothermolysis. When directed at the site of unwanted hair, the light is absorbed by dark pigment of the hair, disabling the follicle with minimal discomfort.

Despite the growing popularity and scientifically proven efficacy of light-based hair removal technology, there are still those reluctant to switch from the conventional methods of hair removal despite the inconveniences associated with those methods. Based on national averages, a woman can expect to spend approximately $10,000 for hair free under arms, bikini line, upper lip and chin over the next ten years. Aside from the cost of razors, shaving creams, wax, hair removal strips, depilatories and professional hair removal services, what is your time and effort worth?

Smooth skin starts beneath the surface, with VISS IPL, the confidence that comes with hair free skin is now in your hands. You now have the ability to free yourself from the daily chore of eliminating unwanted hair on virtually any part of the body. VISS IPL is the enlightened solution to unwanted hair.


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