About Us

Viss Beauty produces and sells the most advanced cosmetic technology for women’s and men’s home beauty needs worldwide.

As one of the industry's technological leaders, we've invested in creating home beauty systems that put real value in your hands. You – along with thousands of other customers worldwide – trust and depend on our technology to not only introduce professional treatments into your home, but to also make them effective, fast, and most importantly, safe.

To meet your needs, our dedicated research and development team continues to rise to the challenge of designing the most advanced cosmetic technology so that you can see professional results at home.

It is our priority to treat each customer as an individual, which is why we listen to our customers and design our products with superior comfort and results. Each product that ships from our state of the art facility has a unique identifier that allows us to track its efficacy throughout its life based on your feedback.

Viss Beauty - Live Well. Live Beautiful. Live Young.