Viss Gold Wrinkle At Home Iontophoresis Machine with Red LED Therapy

VISS Beauty

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The skin protects from harmful ingredients, avoiding them to penetrate your body, but also from the full benefits you can get from your skin care products! That’s why you may feel that your skin is dry and your makeup is not right even when you apply a good product on your face. VISS WRINKLE helps to penetrate serum or cream into your skin deeply to keep it clean and moist like never before. Moreover, VISS WRINKLE is designed in order to make it easy to use on the whole face including eyes’ rims and mouth’s corners.





Even when you apply a good cream on your skin...

It's still dry?





Your skin looks dull and lifeless?






You have wrinkles around eyes and mouth?





You find difficult using a beauty device

because of your sensitive skin?



VISS Wrinkle helps to penetrate active ingredients into the skin deeply through hypoallergenic ionization.

Apply a thin layer of your beauty product of choice and massage with VISS Wrinkle.

Keep your skin moist with VISS Wrinkle!





[ Galvanic Ionto ]

It helps to penetrate active ingredients of your beauty products into dermis with an ion micro current.


[ Automatic skin-sensing system ]

It will work only when in touch with your skin. When it is not in touch with skin, it won’t work when it is no in touch with skin as it has automatic skin sensing function

[ Auto Vibration ]

Small size device delivering a deeper massage thanks to the  strong vibration function


 [ 700nm LED ]

It soothes the skin with the 700nm LED.


[ Titanium Gold Head ]

The head tip is titanium-plated to minimize skin troubles.


 [ Auto On/Off ]

Press the top sensor of plate to activate the device. A ‘click’ sound will follow.

Gently grab the skin sensor plate while using it – it’s designed to turn off automatically when not in use for more than 1 minute. This allows a long-life to your device battery, since while in standby is not using any power.

It can be used for 2 months with an AAA battery for a daily 5 minutes usage. 






◆ Apply your choice of beauty product and treat with VISS Wrinkle for 5mins. (Whole face)
◆ We recommend to have your treatment done before bedtime to obtain the best results
◆ Do not massage more than 30 seconds  sensitive areas (eye rims, nasolabial line, etc)
◆ It automatically turn off while not used for 1 minute.