Viss At Home IPL Hair Removal Disposable Lamp Cartridge

VISS Beauty


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Viss Beauty has once again improved home beauty hair removal with their IPL Hair Removal Disposable Lamp Cartridge for the Viss At Home IPL System.


This lamp cartridge is even more effective and powerful than the original, using a mirror technology to reduce the heat so that there is less potential discomfort even while providing more joules of power.


Best of all, this innovation doubles the life of the IPL Hair Removal Lamp Cartridge upto 30,000 flashes! Use this IPL Hair Removal Disposable Lamp Cartridge to upgrade your previous model Viss IPL Lamp or to replace an expended cartridge and experience clinical beauty care in your own home today!


IMPORTANT: The VISS Advanced IPL Lamp can be used with only VISS Advanced silver IPL System. If you purchased Viss IPL system before 2013, please email to to check this upgraded cartridge can be fit into your system.

*If your VISS IPL is free voltage system, you can use upgraded cartridge.



Experience the full spectrum of IPL Home Beauty with Viss today!


One of the many advantages of the Viss IPL At Home Beauty System is that you can change out the disposable lamp cartridges based on your needs. Rather than having to switch between multiple devices that cost hundreds of dollars each for your home beauty routine, you can simply change the lamp cartridge on your Viss IPL System saving you time, hassle, and money!




Technical Specification

Lamp Lifetime       Low Level : 30,000 flashes

              Middle Level : 15,000 flashes

              High Level : 8,000 flashes

Light Spectrum      640~930nm

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