VISS IPL + VISS RF Ultimate Total Skin Package for Perfect Skin

VISS Beauty

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This advanced combination of IPL + RF systems creates the best synergy for anti-aging therapy.


Viss IPL skin rejuvenation system uses a a specially designed lamp to generate 550nm-900nm of high intensity spectrum light, which  enable  to reduce pigmented spots and spider veins.

Viss IPL skin rejuvenation system technology provides a safer and more comfortable experience for home users as well as beauty salons and spas who wants to treat customers with IPL.


Radiofrequency (RF) is a non-invasive technique that raises the temperature of the deep layers of the skin, changing the structure of collagen and allowing skin cells to regenerate.

RF generates an electromagnetic field between two poles, passing through the deepest part of the skin, resulting in enhancing skin elasticity, wrinkles reduction and skin brightening.



Viss IPL + Viss RF combined are the most powerful and effective synergy to achieve visible  results in terms of rejuvenation on your skin than any other technology.

Do not hesitate to experience this anti-aging system combination. This treatment stimulates collagen regeneration, improving skin texture, reducing pore size and fine wrinkles.



How to use

1. Clean and clear the treatment area from any skin care or cosmetic products.

2. Start with the IPL skin rejuvenation treatment. (Click here to see the IPL instruction)

3. Follow with the RF treatment. For more information. (Click here to see the RF instruction)

4. Remove the excessive cream from RF treatment and apply a skin care product of your choice.







    Product Includes:

    • VISS Advanced IPL Device

    • Skin Rejuvenation Lamp Cartridge

    • VISS RF Skin tightening machine

    • VISS RF cream

    • Pair of IPL Safety Glasses (Black)