How to prepare your face for that spring hairstyle — Microdermabrasion secrets revealed!

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The New VISS Sonic — A Skin Friendly Approach To Look­ing Younger In No Time!

I am going to be hon­est here. The most impor­tant ingre­di­ent for you to look stun­ningly attrac­tive and unbe­liev­ably gor­geous has noth­ing to do with your skin. Instead, it has every­thing to do with your heart. Yes, how you feel in your heart trans­lates to how your face shines! The more con­fi­dence, trust and love you feel in your heart, the more you look good. They did not say, “Face is the mir­ror of the heart” for no reason.

If you can take care of your heart, I will show you how to take of your face.

Heart First, Skin Second

Once you get the heart part taken care of, it is time to enhance your nat­ural beauty. To expose the real YOU. This is where our skin friendly Micro­der­mabra­sion comes.  Micro­der­mabra­sion is one of the most pop­u­lar treat­ments ever for main­tain­ing a wrinkle-free younger look­ing skin and deal­ing with hyper­pig­men­ta­tion. Now with the advance of tech­nol­ogy, Micro­der­mabra­sion treat­ments are afford­able like never before. But there is more.

Reg­u­lar exfo­li­a­tion is one step to more lumi­nous and smooth skin. It is par­tic­u­larly effec­tive in con­junc­tion with med­ical peels and microdermabrasion.

–Dr. Mary Lupo, MD, Top New Orleans Der­ma­tol­o­gist (often fea­tured in Oprah Mag)

Your Con­ve­nience, Mul­ti­ple Functions

Now that’s a dou­ble whammy, isn’t it? Yes, the newest VISS Sonic Ultra­sonic Micro­der­mabra­sion home use device not only does the scrub­bing part, it also helps pen­e­trate nutri­ents and vit­a­mins to the skin. Two major processes called micro-current trans­der­mal drug infu­sion and micro-tunneling helps in achiev­ing it. But there’s more.

You Will Not Believe This

Even though it all sounds geeky and sophis­ti­cated, (it still is) the beauty of Ultra­sonic Micro­der­mabra­sion Sys­tem is this. It is all nat­ural and skin-friendly. The VISS Sonic uses sound waves at 40,000 pulses per sec­ond to gen­tly shake up you skin cells. This is tech­nol­ogy is approved for com­mer­cial use by the FDA and VISS Sonic has been awarded with Med­ical CE cer­ti­fi­ca­tion, the high­est in its class. You must be won­der­ing now, “Yes, it is safe, so what? Does it give me results?”

7 Steps, Total Beauty – The new VISS Sonic Micro­der­mabra­sion System

With the new VISS Sonic Micro­der­mabra­sion Sys­tem, a total com­plete reju­ve­na­tion and reshap­ing of your facial skin is easy, con­ve­nient and does not have to break your wal­let. With­out fur­ther ado, here are the 7 steps.

  1. Cleanse – Thor­oughly cleanse with a nat­ural oil cleanser.
  2. Tone – Toner deep cleanses and puri­fied your pores.
  3. Exfo­li­ate – Remove dead skin cells and impu­ri­ties with VISS Sonic.
  4. Whiten­ing – The ben­e­fits of your whiten­ing gel, like the Vit­a­min C gels, are mul­ti­plied by up to 10 times by using the method of Ion­tophore­sis of the VISS Sonic. Imag­ine you hav­ing a smooth skin tex­ture and reduced hyper­pig­men­ta­tion!
     Ion­tophore­sis — Ion­ized Vit­a­min C is pen­e­trated into the deep­est layer of the skin and helps pro­duce more of the light melanin pig­ments (pheome­lanin) and pre­vent fur­ther cre­ation of dark melanin pig­ments (eume­lanin ). The com­bined process main­tains a lighter skin tone and pre­vents the for­ma­tion of melasma and freckles.
  5. Anti-Ageing — Using the sonophore­sis func­tion of VISS Sonic, the deep pen­e­tra­tion of the pep­tides like Anti-Ageing creams can be accel­er­ated by up to 50% more. When your favorite anti-ageing creams are used with trans­der­mal drug infu­sion, it mul­ti­plies skin elas­tic­ity result­ing in firmer, younger look­ing skin within no time!
    Sonophore­sis — The word comes from a Greek trans­la­tion, which lit­er­ally means ‘mov­ing mate­r­ial through wave’. Here it means ultra­sonic waves. Here’s how it works.When we apply the ultra­sonic waves to the skin, a pas­sage is cre­ated right from the outer epi­der­mis layer of the skin to the inner der­mis layer. This pas­sage allows the pep­tides to reach the skin’s der­mis layer eas­ily thereby mak­ing the treat­ments 20–40 times more effec­tive.  With VISS Sonic’s high fre­quency ultra­sonic waves, deeper pen­e­tra­tion of nutri­ents is achieved with min­i­mum effort possible.
  6. Mas­sage – You can use any cooling/neutralizer gel to reduce any red­ness or irri­ta­tion and/or inflam­ma­tion that may have occurred dur­ing the treatment.
  7. Mois­tur­izer – It is impor­tant to top the treat­ment with a mois­ture lock­ing mois­tur­izer prefer­ably one that has SPF pro­tec­tion sun­screen. A make up primer looks good after the mois­tur­izer if you are going out.

Your Guy Will Notice It Or Your Money Back!

VISS Beauty cares for your well­be­ing. You have full 60 days to try the new VISS Sonic Microdermabrasion Sys­tem. You can fol­low our beau­ti­fully unique 7 steps beauty for­mula twice a week for a full 2 months on our money. If you are not sat­is­fied, all the risk is ours. You will get refunded 100%, no ques­tions asked.

Give Your Peers License To Com­pli­ment You This Spring

You should act now and try the VISS Sonic. It’s all on us. Afford­ably priced with 4 dif­fer­ent func­tions under its belt, VISS Sonic is your per­fect beauty com­pan­ion no mat­ter where you go. Con­ve­niently hand­held and light­weight, the VISS Sonic can even be com­pan­ion dur­ing your travel.

You Are So Awe­some, Here’s Why

The fact that you are here with me shows that you are really inter­ested to do some­thing to main­tain your charm­ingly youth­ful skin. So why post-pone? Take advan­tage of the your free trial now and thank me later. What is more, if you run into con­fu­sion while using the device, we have our friendly beauty experts to help you any­time. Yes, you are not left alone. So go ahead, take us up on this offer today.

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