The New Acne Lamp

The New Acne Lamp

Blog IPL acne lamp
VISS IPL tech­nol­ogy works by direct­ing con­trolled pulses of light into the upper skin layer. The light is absorbed by two of the body’s own nat­ural chem­i­cals — melanin in the pig­mented areas and haemo­glo­bin in the red blood.

For Acne clear­ance, VISS IPL treat­ment works in two ways: by reduc­ing the blood sup­ply to the seba­ceous gland, which slows down pro­duc­tion of the body oil sebum, and by destroy­ing acne bac­te­ria block­ing the pores of the skin.

The vis­i­ble light pro­duced by the VISS IPL Sys­tem are care­fully con­trolled to pro­duce the cor­rect pulse length and right amount of energy to destroy the tar­gets with­out dam­ag­ing sur­round­ing tissues.

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The Future of Skin Rejuvenation

The Future of Skin Rejuvenation

IPL Skin rejuvenation blog pic
The plea­sures and stresses of life, along with the sim­ple aging, tend to cause our skin to appear older. While peo­ple choose makeup or even inva­sive surgery to counter the aging process, the enlight­ened solu­tion to reveal more even, lumi­nous, younger look­ing skin is IPL Skin Rejuvenation.

VISS IPL Skin Reju­ve­na­tion is fast, easy and pain­less. VISS Beauty puts the power of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) in your hands to eas­ily treat rosacea, sun dam­age, age spots, mild wrin­kling and vascular/pigmented lesions .The treat­ments also stim­u­late new col­la­gen pro­duc­tion beneath the skin sur­face, which remod­els the col­la­gen, firms the skin and shrinks pores.

The secret of VISS IPL results are in our fil­ter tech­nol­ogy that deliv­ers opti­mally fil­tered wave­lengths of pulsed light for out­stand­ing results. The best part is that pro­fes­sional treat­ments in your home are now as sim­ple as point and click.

You’ll save time with one sys­tem for a wide range of treat­ment pro­ce­dures, includ­ing rosacea, sun dam­age, age spots, mild wrin­kling and vascular/pigmented lesions on the face and other body areas. You will enjoy gen­tle treat­ments with excel­lent results and lit­tle downtime.

You will quickly agree that VISS sim­pli­fies IPL Skin Reju­ve­na­tion treat­ments for the better:

  • Pro­fes­sional IPL pho­tore­ju­ve­na­tion treat­ments in your home are now as sim­ple as point and click
  • One sys­tem for a vari­ety of treat­ments, includ­ing mild rosacea, sun dam­age, age spots, mild wrin­kling and vascular/pigmented lesions
  • Stim­u­lates new col­la­gen pro­duc­tion beneath the skin sur­face, which remod­els the col­la­gen, firms the skin and shrinks pores
  • IPL Skin Reju­ve­na­tion treat­ments are quick, gen­tle and non-invasive. There is no inter­rup­tion of rou­tine activities
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Why VISS IPL Is The Right Choice

Why VISS IPL Is The Right Choice

Viss complete IPL system
VISS IPL uses the inno­v­a­tive IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) tech­nol­ogy for hair removal.

There are two big dif­fer­ences between Laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) sys­tems. One is in the area that can be treated in one go and the treat­ment speed. Gen­er­ally IPL treat­ment heads are up to 6 times larger than the small spot pro­duced by lasers and there­fore treat­ments are much quicker.

The other dif­fer­ence is the wave­length of light pro­duced. Lasers pro­duce light with one spe­cific wave­length whilst IPL uses an entire wave­band. Dif­fer­ent wave­lengths pen­e­trate the skin to dif­fer­ent depths so using IPL is like using a group of lasers in a sin­gle treatment.

In sum­mary, the effi­cacy of IPL and laser hair removal is now gen­er­ally accepted in the der­ma­tol­ogy community.

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Who’s Had Enough of IPL Hair Removal? – See Why IPL Is The Real Deal!

Who’s Had Enough of IPL Hair Removal? – See Why IPL Is The Real Deal!

Viss family of products

IPL Is More For Beauty Than It Is For Hair Removal.

IPL machines are designed to pro­duce a range of wave­lengths of harm­less vis­i­ble light for var­i­ous treat­ments. Yes, IPL is vis­i­ble light. Noth­ing more.  And it can trans­form your skin for good. Here’s how.

IPL tar­gets par­tic­u­lar col­ors with spe­cific wave­lengths of light dri­ven into the skin tis­sue by a unique con­cen­trated flash mech­a­nism. The light is then absorbed by the cells in and around the outer skin where resides the melanin of the hair bulbs, the hemo­glo­bin of blood cells and water of the skin lay­ers. Thus it effec­tively treats the skin as much as it removes hairs. Now it gets more interesting.

The IPL Fam­ily Val­ues Total Beauty

The IPL light is color and dif­fer­ent col­ored tar­gets absorb a dif­fer­ent wave­length of light dif­fer­ently. Once the absorp­tion occurs, the heat­ing take place. We know the color of the melanin in the skin and that of the skin lay­ers can be any­where between white and black and the hemo­glo­bin of the blood is red in color. The con­cept is simple.

Vary the light source for the light to get absorbed by only the hair bulb and you get hair removal results. Do the same for the light to get absorbed by the hemo­glo­bin of the blood, you will induce skin’s nat­ural col­la­gen pro­duc­tion. And finally, vary it to get absorbed by the skin lay­ers and you will see improved blood flow to the skin and clear­ing of the pores. So effec­tively, dif­fer­ent mem­bers of the IPL fam­ily works by tar­get­ing dif­fer­ent chro­mophores (or color struc­tures that are respon­si­ble for the dif­fer­ent col­ors in the skin and the hair).

Tar­get of IPL light Effect
Melanin of the hairs Dis­ables hair fol­li­cles if the hairs are in Ana­gen or growth phase. The growth phase is impor­tant because this when the hair will be phys­i­cally attached to the hair fol­li­cles, so in growth phase, heat­ing up the hair will heat up the fol­li­cles too.
Melanin of the skin Shakes up the melanin con­tent of the skin thereby achiev­ing brighter skin with an even skin tone
Hemo­glo­bin of car­dio­vas­cu­lar vessels Heat­ing up the blood induces col­la­gen pro­duc­tion and increases blood flow to the skin mak­ing the skin more elas­tic and tight.

A Bet­ter Bang For Your Buck

As we all know, the IPL light how­ever focused we tar­get it, is prone to scat­ter­ing and some of the func­tions above can eas­ily over­lap. The most notice­able of the results are the hair treat­ments not only remov­ing hairs for­ever, but also leav­ing the skin brighter and fresher.  This is where IPLis really dif­fer­ent from Laser treatments.

Choos­ing to treat both the hairs and the skin at the same time is really a good prac­tice as both the func­tions com­pli­ments each other very well and it actu­ally enhances both. After all, once the hair removal process is done, you want a smooth and younger look­ing skin that com­pli­ments it.

The VISS Beauty Edge

VISS beauty under­stands this huge advan­tage for IPL treat­ments. And it is the rea­son why it offers not only the hair removal lamp car­tridge, but two addi­tional skin care lamp car­tridges. VISSBeauty offers replace­able lamp car­tridge for both skin reju­ve­na­tion and acne clear­ance. Think about total beauty.

How Can You Ben­e­fit From It Today

If you are already a part of VISS beauty fam­ily for hair removal, thank you, you can get the skin reju­ve­na­tion or the acne clear­ance lamp or both. No multi-tasking required. Just alter­nate between hair removals and skin care ses­sions. If you are not part of the VISS fam­ily right now,VISS Beauty likes to wel­come you to the VISS Beauty total beauty experience.

Join the VISS beauty fam­ily today to ben­e­fit from our col­lab­o­ra­tive wis­dom in enhanc­ing the beauty of thou­sands of our cus­tomers. Visit for more details.

VISS Beauty | Beau­ti­ful Life™ — VISS Beauty is an Advanced Skin Care Solu­tions Provider. For more info visit


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How to prepare your face for that spring hairstyle — Microdermabrasion secrets revealed!

How to prepare your face for that spring hairstyle — Microdermabrasion secrets revealed!

Viss Sonic microdermabrasion blog pic

The New VISS Sonic — A Skin Friendly Approach To Look­ing Younger In No Time!

I am going to be hon­est here. The most impor­tant ingre­di­ent for you to look stun­ningly attrac­tive and unbe­liev­ably gor­geous has noth­ing to do with your skin. Instead, it has every­thing to do with your heart. Yes, how you feel in your heart trans­lates to how your face shines! The more con­fi­dence, trust and love you feel in your heart, the more you look good. They did not say, “Face is the mir­ror of the heart” for no reason.

If you can take care of your heart, I will show you how to take of your face.

Heart First, Skin Second

Once you get the heart part taken care of, it is time to enhance your nat­ural beauty. To expose the real YOU. This is where our skin friendly Micro­der­mabra­sion comes.  Micro­der­mabra­sion is one of the most pop­u­lar treat­ments ever for main­tain­ing a wrinkle-free younger look­ing skin and deal­ing with hyper­pig­men­ta­tion. Now with the advance of tech­nol­ogy, Micro­der­mabra­sion treat­ments are afford­able like never before. But there is more.

Reg­u­lar exfo­li­a­tion is one step to more lumi­nous and smooth skin. It is par­tic­u­larly effec­tive in con­junc­tion with med­ical peels and microdermabrasion.

–Dr. Mary Lupo, MD, Top New Orleans Der­ma­tol­o­gist (often fea­tured in Oprah Mag)

Your Con­ve­nience, Mul­ti­ple Functions

Now that’s a dou­ble whammy, isn’t it? Yes, the newest VISS Sonic Ultra­sonic Micro­der­mabra­sion home use device not only does the scrub­bing part, it also helps pen­e­trate nutri­ents and vit­a­mins to the skin. Two major processes called micro-current trans­der­mal drug infu­sion and micro-tunneling helps in achiev­ing it. But there’s more.

You Will Not Believe This

Even though it all sounds geeky and sophis­ti­cated, (it still is) the beauty of Ultra­sonic Micro­der­mabra­sion Sys­tem is this. It is all nat­ural and skin-friendly. The VISS Sonic uses sound waves at 40,000 pulses per sec­ond to gen­tly shake up you skin cells. This is tech­nol­ogy is approved for com­mer­cial use by the FDA and VISS Sonic has been awarded with Med­ical CE cer­ti­fi­ca­tion, the high­est in its class. You must be won­der­ing now, “Yes, it is safe, so what? Does it give me results?”

7 Steps, Total Beauty – The new VISS Sonic Micro­der­mabra­sion System

With the new VISS Sonic Micro­der­mabra­sion Sys­tem, a total com­plete reju­ve­na­tion and reshap­ing of your facial skin is easy, con­ve­nient and does not have to break your wal­let. With­out fur­ther ado, here are the 7 steps.

  1. Cleanse – Thor­oughly cleanse with a nat­ural oil cleanser.
  2. Tone – Toner deep cleanses and puri­fied your pores.
  3. Exfo­li­ate – Remove dead skin cells and impu­ri­ties with VISS Sonic.
  4. Whiten­ing – The ben­e­fits of your whiten­ing gel, like the Vit­a­min C gels, are mul­ti­plied by up to 10 times by using the method of Ion­tophore­sis of the VISS Sonic. Imag­ine you hav­ing a smooth skin tex­ture and reduced hyper­pig­men­ta­tion!
     Ion­tophore­sis — Ion­ized Vit­a­min C is pen­e­trated into the deep­est layer of the skin and helps pro­duce more of the light melanin pig­ments (pheome­lanin) and pre­vent fur­ther cre­ation of dark melanin pig­ments (eume­lanin ). The com­bined process main­tains a lighter skin tone and pre­vents the for­ma­tion of melasma and freckles.
  5. Anti-Ageing — Using the sonophore­sis func­tion of VISS Sonic, the deep pen­e­tra­tion of the pep­tides like Anti-Ageing creams can be accel­er­ated by up to 50% more. When your favorite anti-ageing creams are used with trans­der­mal drug infu­sion, it mul­ti­plies skin elas­tic­ity result­ing in firmer, younger look­ing skin within no time!
    Sonophore­sis — The word comes from a Greek trans­la­tion, which lit­er­ally means ‘mov­ing mate­r­ial through wave’. Here it means ultra­sonic waves. Here’s how it works.When we apply the ultra­sonic waves to the skin, a pas­sage is cre­ated right from the outer epi­der­mis layer of the skin to the inner der­mis layer. This pas­sage allows the pep­tides to reach the skin’s der­mis layer eas­ily thereby mak­ing the treat­ments 20–40 times more effec­tive.  With VISS Sonic’s high fre­quency ultra­sonic waves, deeper pen­e­tra­tion of nutri­ents is achieved with min­i­mum effort possible.
  6. Mas­sage – You can use any cooling/neutralizer gel to reduce any red­ness or irri­ta­tion and/or inflam­ma­tion that may have occurred dur­ing the treatment.
  7. Mois­tur­izer – It is impor­tant to top the treat­ment with a mois­ture lock­ing mois­tur­izer prefer­ably one that has SPF pro­tec­tion sun­screen. A make up primer looks good after the mois­tur­izer if you are going out.

Your Guy Will Notice It Or Your Money Back!

VISS Beauty cares for your well­be­ing. You have full 60 days to try the new VISS Sonic Microdermabrasion Sys­tem. You can fol­low our beau­ti­fully unique 7 steps beauty for­mula twice a week for a full 2 months on our money. If you are not sat­is­fied, all the risk is ours. You will get refunded 100%, no ques­tions asked.

Give Your Peers License To Com­pli­ment You This Spring

You should act now and try the VISS Sonic. It’s all on us. Afford­ably priced with 4 dif­fer­ent func­tions under its belt, VISS Sonic is your per­fect beauty com­pan­ion no mat­ter where you go. Con­ve­niently hand­held and light­weight, the VISS Sonic can even be com­pan­ion dur­ing your travel.

You Are So Awe­some, Here’s Why

The fact that you are here with me shows that you are really inter­ested to do some­thing to main­tain your charm­ingly youth­ful skin. So why post-pone? Take advan­tage of the your free trial now and thank me later. What is more, if you run into con­fu­sion while using the device, we have our friendly beauty experts to help you any­time. Yes, you are not left alone. So go ahead, take us up on this offer today.

You Too Should Join The VISS Fam­ily Here 

Viss logo

You Should Join The VISS Fam­ily Today To Take Advan­tage Of Our Unique 60-Day Trial Period With Free Beauty Consultation!

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Not Just for Women: How Men Can Benefit From IPL Treatments

Not Just for Women: How Men Can Benefit From IPL Treatments

Intense Pulsed Light treat­ment (IPL) is a tech­nol­ogy in the beauty world that has been gar­ner­ing much atten­tion lately for its abil­ity to remove and heal blem­ishes. Though some­times viewed as a treat­ment designed specif­i­cally for women, IPL has a wide vari­ety of appli­ca­tions and is equally use­ful for men’s needs. Many men ben­e­fit from Intense Pulsed Light and are now able to cor­rect cer­tain aspects of their phys­i­cal appear­ance, which were pre­vi­ously thought to be per­ma­nent. Some of these include acne, scars or lesions and hair growth.

IPL for men blog pic

IPL Can Help Clear Up Acne

Many men are turn­ing to IPL to help in clear­ing up their acne issues. Espe­cially for adults, acne can be embar­rass­ing and frus­trat­ing. Though viewed as a some­what teenage ail­ment, many adults includ­ing adult men, face acne well beyond their teenage years. Try­ing many dif­fer­ent lotions, soaps and pills to cure acne can be dis­cour­ag­ing and time con­sum­ing. Intense Pulsed Light ther­apy has pre­sented a quick and con­sid­er­ably eas­ier alter­na­tive to all of these meth­ods and is a great way for men to tackle chest, face and back acne.

Reduce Unsightly Scars or Lesions

Despite the pop­u­lar anec­dote that says, “Chicks dig scars,” many men feel they have unsightly scars, par­tic­u­larly facial scars caused by acne. In addi­tion to this, pig­mented lesions caused by bro­ken blood ves­sels close to the sur­face of the skin can leave unsightly and confidence-stealing blem­ishes for men. Intense Pulsed Light ther­apy helps to heal these scars and lesions by reduc­ing the amount of melanin in the skin. Melanin is the pig­ment that makes the lesion or scar vis­i­ble, and when reduced, the treated area will even­tu­ally fade.

Avoid Unwanted Hair Growth

Many men also have unwanted hair growth on their shoul­ders, chest and back, or else very course hair on their face that causes ingrown hairs. Intense Pulsed Light can help reduce these prob­lem areas in much the same way that it helps with scars. The light reduces the amount of pig­ment in the hair. When the light is absorbed, it turns into heat; this actu­ally serves to destroy the hair fol­li­cle so that regrowth will even­tu­ally cease to occur. Many men have found that this is an effec­tive way to fight unwanted areas of hair growth.

These three sig­nif­i­cant areas of per­sonal care are all areas that men have con­cerns with. Intense Pulsed Light ther­apy has proven to be an excel­lent way for men to address these con­cerns eas­ily and with lit­tle has­sle. Though IPL ther­apy has in the past been tar­geted as a beauty tech­nique, it is really focused on per­sonal care and can help peo­ple of both gen­ders achieve the look and body that they want. By clear­ing up acne, reduc­ing scars and dis­cour­ag­ing unwanted hair growth, IPL helps men gain the con­fi­dence in their appear­ance they need and desire. Many men have turned to Intense Pulsed Light as a way to improve their looks. If you are look­ing for a way to over­come some aspects of your phys­i­cal­ity, IPL might be an excel­lent option for you.

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Around the World: How IPL Can Help Varying Skin Types

Around the World: How IPL Can Help Varying Skin Types

IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light treat­ment, is a pro­ce­dure rec­om­mended by der­ma­tol­o­gists for men and women look­ing to improve cer­tain aspects of their appear­ance. IPL uses vary­ing wave­lengths to remove unwanted hair, reduce dark spots on the skin, and achieve a clear and even complexion.

Even though IPL is very safe and free from unwanted side effects, there is some debate over whoIPL is best suited for. Read on for more infor­ma­tion regard­ing IPL and the dif­fer­ent skin types that are best suited for the treatment.

IPL around the world skin types blog pic

The Fitz­patrick Scale

A Har­vard der­ma­tol­o­gist cre­ated a scale that iden­ti­fies the vary­ing skin types that are suited to Intense Pulsed Light treat­ment. The Fitz­patrick Scale iden­ti­fies six dif­fer­ent skin types, and each type is given a num­ber rang­ing from 0 to 30. Skin types that rank above 30 are con­sid­ered not ideal for IPL.

The Type One skin type on the Fitz­patrick Scale is white and fair. This type never tans and burns very eas­ily. This skin type is ranked from 0 to 7, and is ideal for Intense Pulsed Light treat­ment. Type Two is still white and fair but tans some­times, and ranks 8 to 16. Type Three on the Fitz­patrick Scale is known as “beige,” and ranks 17 to 25. Mediter­ranean type skin is Type Four on the Fitz­patrick Scale and ranks 25 to 30. Dark brown and black skin types, Types Five and Six, rank above 30 and are con­sid­ered not ideal for IPL treatment.

Fair Skin Types Are Ideal

While IPL can help a vari­ety of dif­fer­ent con­di­tions and can aid many peo­ple who have dif­fer­ent skin types and tones, fair skin types are ideal for Intense Pulsed Light treatments.

IPL works by using spe­cific wave­lengths that tar­get both hemo­glo­bin and melanin in the skin. The waves pass through the skin and are absorbed, which frag­ments melanin pig­ments. Because frag­ment­ing melanin makes sur­face color less vis­i­ble, effects are more desir­able if there is less melanin to begin with. Remov­ing light hair and achiev­ing a clear com­plex­ion is most effec­tive for Types One through Four on the Fitz­patrick Scale.

New Stud­ies Done on East Indian Skin

That being said, a new study has been done that exam­ines Intense Pulsed Light treat­ment on East Indian skin. Because it is assumed that darker skin is not suited for IPL, few stud­ies have been done before now. How­ever, results of the study showed that darker skin still ben­e­fits fromIPL. Unwanted hair was light­ened after mul­ti­ple treat­ments and acne scars saw a sig­nif­i­cant reduc­tion. In darker skin types though, mul­ti­ple treat­ments are required with the great­est results occur­ring after five treat­ments with 3 to 4 week intervals.

Despite com­mon belief, Intense Pulsed Light treat­ment is not just for fair skin types. IPL is suited for a vari­ety of dif­fer­ent skin tones and can yield pos­i­tive results as long as the treat­ment is prop­erly admin­is­tered. As long as the proper wave­lengths are used and the IPL pro­ce­dure spe­cific to each skin type is fol­lowed, there will be no unde­sir­able side effects. Men and women of dif­fer­ent eth­nic­i­ties can achieve the com­plex­ion and appear­ance they want by try­ing Intense Pulsed Light treatment.

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Top Safety Concerns With At-Home IPL and Answers to Put You at Ease

Top Safety Concerns With At-Home IPL and Answers to Put You at Ease

Gen­er­ally, peo­ple are fear­ful of try­ing some­thing new, even when the new thing they’re think­ing of try­ing is actu­ally safe. Below are sev­eral con­cerns that peo­ple may have before try­ing IPL for the first time, and with each con­cern is a response to help ease the wor­ried mind.

Top IPL safety concerns blog pic

Does IPL Increase the Risk of Cancer?

Ques­tions sur­round­ing the safety of at-home Intense Pulsed Light treat­ments and can­cer risk are com­monly brought up in con­ver­sa­tion. It’s impor­tant to under­stand that can­cer risk is linked to UVA and UVB expo­sure (ultra­vi­o­let light), nei­ther of which is cre­ated in sig­nif­i­cant lev­els by at-home IPL machines. Can­cer is also thought to be linked to one’s genetic makeup and var­i­ous other envi­ron­men­tal fac­tors, but no stud­ies indi­cate that the use of IPL machines will increase the risk of cancer.

Is it Safe to Use at Home?

Intense Pulsed Light machines are designed to be safely used at home. As with any other machine, all instruc­tions should be thor­oughly read, and direc­tions should be care­fully fol­lowed. Stud­ies show that the use of IPL is safe and effec­tive for not only the face, but for other areas of the body as well.

Keep in mind that dark brown and black skin types are not rec­om­mended to undergo IPL treat­ments. If you are unsure if your skin type is suit­able, con­sult a pro­fes­sional before pur­chas­ing the machine.

Are IPL Treat­ments Painful?

Sim­ply, no. Intense Pulsed Light treat­ments are not meant to cause pain. A feel­ing of warmth and tin­gling is nor­mal though. There are sev­eral ways in which peo­ple can gear them­selves up for the tin­gling sen­sa­tion. One way is to start out on a low set­ting, and slowly work toward the desired higher set­ting. Some areas of the body nat­u­rally have more sen­si­tive skin than other areas. The warm­ing and tin­gling sen­sa­tion in these areas can be a bit stronger, but IPL treat­ments should never be a painful.

Can IPL Cause Skin Damage?

Intense Pulsed Light treat­ments should be under­gone strate­gi­cally and accord­ing to the prod­uct manufacturer’s guide­lines. Too much IPL treat­ment will not pro­vide desired results and it will leave the skin less healthy than it would be with proper amount of treat­ment. Be sure to care­fully read and plan out treat­ments accord­ing to direc­tions set out on the IPL machine’s user manual.

Does the IPL Machine Emit Light that will Hurt Eyes?

As with any light source, eye spe­cial­ists will rec­om­mend not to look directly into the light. At-home IPL machines come with pro­tec­tive eye­wear that can be worn in order to off­set any pos­si­ble light reflec­tion toward the eyes. Although the glasses are only optional, it is rec­om­mended for opti­mal eye safety that the glasses be worn at all times while oper­at­ing the IPL machine.

Try­ing some­thing new can cause worry for some peo­ple, and it’s impor­tant to be dili­gent by ask­ing ques­tions and doing research. Hope­fully the con­cerns and responses above have helped to ease any worry.

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Breaking Out? How Intense Pulsed Light Treatments Can Help Your Complexion

Breaking Out? How Intense Pulsed Light Treatments Can Help Your Complexion

Strug­gling with acne and break­outs is a sig­nif­i­cant beauty con­cern for many peo­ple. Unlike some other beauty issues, acne is often hard to hide and can be extremely hard to get rid of; some­times peo­ple suf­fer for years or even decades. Many rec­om­men­da­tions are made to peo­ple with acne, and often­times these rec­om­men­da­tions con­flict. Suf­fer­ers will be told to wash their face with plain soap, or to use pre­scrip­tion soap; to use a par­tic­u­lar cream, or not to use a par­tic­u­lar cream. Some­times heavy med­ica­tion will be admin­is­tered to some­one with acne, but med­ica­tion that can cause other seri­ous side effects and won’t nec­es­sar­ily get rid of it.

IPL for complexion blog pic

There is, how­ever, one treat­ment that has shown promis­ing results, has very few side effects, and can offer new hope to acne suf­fer­ers. The answer is the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) acne treatment.

Three Light Approach

Intense Pulsed Light is an effec­tive method to curb acne because it does sev­eral things for the skin at once. Firstly, the sys­tem actu­ally releases three dif­fer­ent kinds of light dur­ing the treat­ment. The yel­low and green lights that are released dur­ing an Intense Pulsed Light treat­ment serve to kill bac­te­ria on the skin. The bac­te­ria on the skin are a huge rea­son for acne for many peo­ple, so by tar­get­ing these bac­te­ria, acne is less likely to thrive on the face.

After the bac­te­ria are killed, the red light in the sequence tar­gets the seba­ceous glands in the skin that, when over­ac­tive, cause break­outs. As these glands shrink, the pus­tules that they are con­nected to clear. This can be noticed by an over­all improve­ment in the skin of the per­son affected with acne.

Safe and Straightforward

The Intense Pulsed Light treat­ment is proven to be a safe method to erad­i­cate acne and help the skin heal from acne break­outs. Because no hor­mones or antibi­otics are ingested, it is a safe method of fight­ing acne. Many have turned to Intense Pulsed Light ther­apy as a com­fort­able and healthy way to fight acne. By using the Intense Pulsed Light method, acne suf­fer­ers no longer have to debate which soap to use, or have to ques­tion whether a cer­tain cream is work­ing or not. They can rest easy know­ing that as they con­tinue with IPL treat­ments, they will be able to notice a dif­fer­ence in their acne.

Though the fight against acne can often seem hope­less at times, it is impor­tant to remem­ber that it cer­tainly is not a lost cause. Many new tech­nolo­gies, such as Intense Pulsed Light treat­ment, rep­re­sent effec­tive and fairly low risk ways to over­come acne. These new tech­nolo­gies, while not avail­able thirty or forty years ago, are rather com­mon­place now and are ver­i­fied and effec­tive ways to achieve clear skin. If you are suf­fer­ing with acne, there is no need for you to con­tinue on that path. It is pos­si­ble to over­come nasty break­outs and patches of acne through con­sis­tently try­ing meth­ods until you find the one that works per­fect for your skin.

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Getting Rid of Pain: How Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal Is More Comfortable

Getting Rid of Pain: How Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal Is More Comfortable

Intense Pulsed Light treat­ments can take the pain out of hair removal. While this is great, they can also offer per­ma­nent results, and they can be the solu­tion for peo­ple who are look­ing for a com­fort­able and eco­nom­i­cal way to remove their hair from home.

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It’s Done in a Com­fort­able Home Environment

For a lot of peo­ple, going to a salon to have their bikini-line hair removed is not the most com­fort­able expe­ri­ence. Firstly, there is the need for a per­son to leave home and make the com­mute to the appoint­ment: rain or shine, traf­fic or not. Addi­tion­ally, the hair removal expe­ri­ence itself can be daunt­ing: sit­ting or lying in an uncom­fort­able posi­tion while a stranger removes unwanted hair from some of the most pri­vate and sen­si­tive areas of the body? No, thank you!

To top it off, this is an expe­ri­ence that peo­ple pay big bucks to receive. Intense Pulsed Light, on the other hand, is designed to be accom­plished in the com­forts of a home envi­ron­ment. Strangers need not attend this party. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treat­ments can be done on the sofa, on the bed, or in any room in the house, (but it’s not a good idea to do it in the shower, of course). The com­fort level can there­fore be con­trolled by the indi­vid­ual, and no per­sonal bound­aries need to be crossed.

There Are No Wax Strips to Rip Off and No Shav­ing Cuts to Endure

Wax­ing can be accom­plished at home or at a salon, but the same thing is true in both sit­u­a­tions — it’s uncom­fort­able to have hair ripped out of sen­si­tive skin. Peo­ple tend to become accus­tomed to the painful pro­ce­dure of wax­ing at some time or another, although pain is not some­thing peo­ple need to go through any longer with the avail­abil­ity of at-home Intense Pulsed Light treatments.

Shav­ing can also be dam­ag­ing to the skin’s appear­ance because of the poten­tial of nicks, cuts, and long-lasting scars from shav­ing gone wrong. Even pro­fes­sional bar­bers can slip up when they’re shav­ing, and it’s no fun when that hap­pens. With Intense Pulsed Light, peo­ple no longer need to be con­cerned with the thought of nick­ing or acci­den­tally cut­ting the skin wide open.

Pock­et­book Pain: The Expen­di­ture Might not be Worth it

It’s expen­sive to go to the salon for hair removal. The cost of com­mut­ing, the cost of the pro­ce­dure, and the cost of the gra­tu­ities can really add up. Wax­ing and shav­ing at home saves a per­son some money ini­tially, but the cost of razors, replace­ment car­tridges, shav­ing creams, wax strips, and after­shave sup­plies tal­lies up to be a for­tune in the long run. With Intense Pulsed Light treat­ments at home, the hair removal is per­ma­nent. There is the ini­tial cost of pur­chas­ing a high qual­ity at-home machine, and then that’s it. There is no need to con­tin­u­ally add “shav­ing cream” to a shop­ping list or con­stantly be run­ning out of the home for new razors.

Intense Pulsed Light treat­ments are designed to be more com­fort­able than the tra­di­tional modes of hair removal, and they’re meant to be pain­less. Weigh out the costs to see that the per­ma­nent results offered by IPL treat­ments are well worth the ini­tial cost.

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